imi systems 9mm 115 gr. fmj 

9mm giveaway horizontal.jpg

We are giving away up to 100,000 rounds of  IMI Systems 115gr. 9mm FMJ rounds. The amount we giveaway depends on you!  Here is how it works:  for every new member that signs up on our website ( starting on 3/5/21 we will give away 1 (ONE) BULLET.  For example, if we get 10,000 new accounts we will give away 10,000 rounds of 9mm! We have up to 100,000 rounds at our disposal. On April 15th we will draw 3 names from all of the users on our website and the final round count will be divided 3 ways among those users. That's right, your odds of winning are even better than our previous giveaways!

So now the rest is up to you. Create a account and get your friends and family to create one as well. On April 15th we will announce the winners in a video on our YouTube Channel so be sure to
subscribe on YouTube!

*United States only

*laws on ammo in your state still apply

put sign up here.