Destroying The Bushnell RXS 250 FULL REVIEW

Updated: Mar 30

The Bushnell RXS250 is a beast of an RDS. When we got it in we could tell it was stout. So we decided to just beat it until it broke. We didn't have a scientific approach, we just wanted to see how durable this Bushnell RXS250 was. We beat it more than any optic should have to endure and we only saw slight zero shifts, but the optic would re-zero and hold its new zero. The RXS250 is very impressive at its low price point. Bushnell RXS 250 full spec sheet:

The Bushnell RXS 250 is one seriously durable optic that is an amazing bang for the buck. Check out the above video to see what kind of abuse it can take.

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