Grip Tuck Holster Review | Alien Gear Holsters

In this video, we review the Grip Tuck holster! Grip Tuck: Video Transcript: Hello I’m Dylan from GunSpot and in this video, we will be reviewing Alien Gear Holster’s Grip Tuck Holster I want to say thank you to Alien Gear who sent us this holster for us to review that being said this is still an unbiased review, where I will tell you things I like and dislike, so let’s get started. The Grip tuck is a soft holster that is predominantly made of neoprene. The holster is lined with a thermoplastic elastomer, which is a pliable but strong material. The inner layer places a rigid barrier between the neoprene shell and grippy outer material and the trigger guard. For a soft holster, it does keep it’s rigidity pretty well. The outer texture of this holster is a really unique texture it is very grippy, it can stick to your clothes a little bit which adds to the security and the rigidity of the holster when you draw. I would describe the outer grip material as being similar to the non-slide material you find on phone cases except more durable. The belt clip on this has the signature belt clips we are all used to seeing on Alien Gear Holsters. Which can allow you to adjust the ride height and the cant of the holster? The holster seems high quality and really well put together. Here are some things I really liked about the holster. First off it’s incredibly comfortable I have a Kydex holster and compared to the grip tuck it’s not nearly as comfortable. The Grip Tuck is comfortable and versatile. I got the holster size that would fit my M&P Shield with the 3-inch barrel but it fit the Glock 42, the Hellcat and it even fit my double-stack Glock 27 too. So if you have multiple conceal guns around the same size this holster will work. The second thing I really like is that I actually really like the swivel belt clip. I like being able to adjust the ride height and what I enjoy most is being able to adjust the cant to a position that is comfortable once I have it on my belt. The things I don’t like are probably what most people won’t like and it all stems from the fact that it’s a soft holster. I think most people have safety concerns with soft holsters. I don’t really think that you’re at risk of your gun’s trigger being pulled in this holster. As long as you order the right size for your gun. You want to have your holster just about cover your trigger guard. On my Smith and Wesson shield, it covers the trigger guard completely. Also when it comes to conceal carry, especially appendix carry, you want to put your gun in the holster first and then put the holster on your belt. That is much safer than trying to push your gun down in your holster while it’s on your belt. Without removing the holster it’s hard to be 100% sure if the holster is completely clear. I like to hold my holster up and look through it to make sure it’s clear and then put my gun in the holster. The Grip Tuck does stay open enough where you can re-holster it. It doesn’t completely close up like other soft holsters. But still, if you have a loaded firearm I always recommend putting the gun in your conceal holster and then attaching it to your belt. I can remove and attach my Kydex holster faster than I can the Grip Tuck holster but that’s also 'cause the Grip Tuck has a more secure belt clip that actually curves around the bottom of the belt. Okay, that’s it for this video review of the Grip Truck. It is hands down the most comfortable holster I have ever worn, there are obviously going to be some trade-offs on a hard vs soft holster so just be aware of that. I do think if Alien Gear could find a way to have the firmness of a Kydex holster with the comfortable edges and outer material of the Grip Tuck then they will have made the perfect concealment holster. I do think at least for right now that the Grip Tuck is probably going to be my primary carry holster because it is firm enough that it’s safe and it’s super comfortable.

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