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In this video, we cover how to purchase a gun online and what is involved. Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Katelyn from GunSpot and in this video, we will be talking about how to buy a Title 1 gun online.

If you don’t already know by now, you can definitely buy guns online. So does that mean you don’t have to do a background check? Not at all. Actually, all the same, laws apply whether you buy a gun in a store or online. Buying a gun online is a normal and easy thing to do and today I’m gonna tell you how.

The first thing you do is simply find the gun you want online and buy it. To get started it is really that simple. There are great websites like Gunspot that sell every kind of gun you can imagine…and there are even great apps you can download on your phone that will let you comparative shop a particular gun with retailers so you can take advantage of the best deal available.

This is where purchasing a gun online becomes different from buying anything else. It is illegal to have a gun sent directly to your house. Because of this, the store you buy from online won’t ship the gun to your doorstep. The gun has to be shipped to a gun store, a dealer, with a Federal Firearms License, people usually just call them FFLs. So, when buying a gun online, you will have to decide which local FFL you want the gun shipped to when you make the purchase because the online store will require a copy of your local stores FFL before they will ship the gun out to them. So do some research on the gun stores close to you and have one in mind that you’d like to use. If your online store has never worked with your local gun store, they may not have their FFL on file, but don’t worry you can just establish communication between them and they will get it taken care of.

This can sound overwhelming but it is really pretty easy and all gun stores are accustomed to doing this since it’s a federal law. Some Gun Store websites even have sections where you can pick from a list of FFLs in your local area when you’re checking out. So you’ve found your gun online at a great price, you paid for it and provided the online store with a copy of your local gun store's Federal Firearms License. Now the gun is shipped to them and, once it arrives, you will go to the store in person and fill out your paperwork, a form 4473, and complete the background check. The FFL is providing this service for you, so just know that it’s possible they will charge you to complete the background check. The most common cost for a transfer like this is around $30. After you pass your background check you are free to take your new gun home! That is a simple rundown of how to buy a gun online if you have any more questions you can always email us at

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