How To Buy A Machine Gun? Let Us Tell You

In this video we cover how to buy a machine gun.

God bless America and the Second Amendment, because of the rights U.S. Citizens have we can legally purchase a machine gun. These types of guns are commonly seen in action movies but in the real world they are much more scarce. Not many own these guns due to the somewhat complicated nature of buying one. These firearms are heavily regulated by the ATF so we thought we would make this video to help explain the process. First off I would like to point out machine guns have never actually been illegal in the U.S. They do have special rules and regulations but they are definitely not illegal.

Before 1934 machine guns were not regulated anymore than any other gun, in 1934 the National Firearms Act was passed thus giving us the process we still use today to buy machine guns. Then with the 1986 Hughes act it got a little bit more complicated. This act banned the registration of NEW machine guns in the USA. The act defines new as any firearm manufactured after May 19th, 1986. So guns registered before that date are able to be purchased by U.S. citizens and were given the name Transferable Machine Guns. The first step to owning a transferable machine gun is actually buying the gun!

Once purchased, the gun is sent to an authorized dealer also known as a FFL and that is where the gun is held for you until you finish the legal process. From here it will require you to submit to the following: You will have to fill out a Form 4, the application to register your gun with the federal government; submit fingerprints, submit passport style photos, AND YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY A ONE TIME TRANSFER TAX OF $200 per NFA Item, then send notification of your application to your local law enforcement official. From that point on you just wait for the results of your background check to come back approved by the ATF. This can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. After the approval you can head down to your FFL and pick up the gun and wollah you are now a machine gun owner!

For any more questions about the firearm world or the steps you need to take to own your dream gun make sure to contact us, your NFA experts!

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