How To Sell A Machine Gun?

It can seem intimidating to sell a machine gun because these title 2 firearms are heavily monitored but rest assured it can be done. There are a few ways to sell your machine guns and we figured we would start with the most difficult method first.

The most difficult thing to do is to try to sell the gun yourself. It can be done, but it can be a headache. If you are selling across state lines you have to fill forms, get the buyer to fill out all their forms, find an appropriate FFL and then handle the shipping, it can be a lot of work! And honestly it's to much to go into in this short video.

The next method is to go through a dealer as a broker. They will connect you with a buyer and help get all the paperwork and transfer tax fees in order. Depending on the broker arrangement they will probably take a percentage of your total sale and you might have to pay for shipping costs.

The last method is to sell your gun directly to a dealer which is probably the easiest way. Here at Midwest Tactical we will buy your machine guns AND we make it super easy. We pay the transfer tax and we handle the shipping cost plus we even send you the packaging so all you have to do is place your gun in the case we send and then mail it. We also manage all the paperwork so that the whole process is a breeze!

For anymore questions about the firearm world or the steps you need to take to own your dream gun make sure to contact us, your firearms experts!

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