IWI Masada Review | Holosun Red Dot

In this video we review the IWI Masada Pistol.

Video Transcript:

This Masada has been a gun that’s been talked about for years and last July it became available for sale in the United States. IWI has never made a polymer striker-fired gun like this before so it was some pretty exciting news. Here are the specs on this bad boy:

It is chambered in 9mm And has a Barrel length of 4.1″ inches It is 1.25 inches wide The total length is 7.4 inches And a total height of 5.6 inches The weight without a magazine is 1.4 pounds

And with a fully loaded magazine and one in the chamber it weighs 2 pounds

Here are some things I noticed about the Masada. I like the sights it has out of the box, it has 3 dot iron sights which I shoot well with, so I’m a fan. The slide is optics ready, it’s awesome that IWI knows what people want and decided to make a full-size handgun that is optics ready from the factory. They include several optic mounting plates for the gun. The Masada comes with Romeo 01, Venom, Deltapoint, and RMR mounting plates. All the plates and the default flush plate on the slide are all made of a polymer which I thought was interesting. I do think since these parts mount so tight to the gun that durability would never be an issue though. The pistol has a mil-spec Picatinny rail on the polymer frame and it also has a large trigger guard which I really like. The grip has a good texture but isn’t super rough either. In comparison, the Glock grips on the Gen 4 and newer are rougher than this for sure. All the controls are ambidextrous on this gun, out of all the controls I don’t like the mag release that much I think it is little and stiff. The magazines are made of steel and carry 17 rounds, steel mags are nice, I think compared to Glock’s polymer mags I like these much better.

Probably the coolest thing about this gun is that the serialized part of the gun is the trigger pack. This is super cool because everyone’s belief is that IWI will make other frames and barrels so that you could buy one Masada and then get a compact frame or maybe a larger frame pistol.

These guns specs are very similar to the Glock 17. To me, it seems like a direct competitor specifically to the Glock 17. Especially considering that right out of the box it already has the modifications that people make to their Glock’s once they buy them, like different sights and having the slide cut.

I really like the Masada and all of us here shot really well with it. We didn't experience any jams either while we were shooting. Just no we didn’t put thousands of rounds through it and torture test it, we only shot a couple hundred and it handled flawlessly. For a price point of about $440 dollars, you really can’t go wrong. I can tell you I personally want to buy one.

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