My New Favorite Holster, The OATH Holster By Tulster

If you’re like me, you certainly get served ads for the newest holster all the time. Since I carry every day, I am always excited to try out new holsters. I think most people are always in search of the most comfortable holster that conceals their firearm the best.

So, needless to say, I was very intrigued when I found out that Tulster was releasing a new holster for the Springfield Armory Hellcat. The company sent me one out for review, and I was happy to try it out. Check out my video review above and keep reading this article below.

My first impression was that this holster is durable. Designed for pistols with optics equipped, the holster, belt clip, and Mod Wing all feel really solid. I don’t think this is a holster that will ever break under everyday carry use. I clipped this holster on my belt the second I got the package open and started wearing it everywhere.

The holster is offered in black or carbon fiber (shown) finish.

I had never used a holster with a Mod Wing before, but now that I have I can say I will never go back. The Mod Wing for this holster comes with two interchangeable surfaces. One is shallow and the other is deep. The deeper of the two really helps you conceal those longer grip guns.

This holster has a bit of a higher ride height than I am used to because of where the belt clip is. While this usually causes your firearm to print more through your shirt since this holster has a “mod wing” I didn’t have this issue at all. I can actually conceal my Springfield Hellcat with the included extended 13-round magazine without so much as a bump showing through my shirt.

Check out the full list below of features and included items that come with the Tulster Oath.

Holster Features:

Mid-sweat shield

Open-ended muzzle

Raised sight channel

Undercut trigger guard area

Adjustable ride height: 1/2″

Rounded and buffed edges

Multi-stage fixed retention.

Minimal material — .08” thickness

Optic-ready, ambidextrous and tuckable

Works with DCC Clip or optional strut and soft loop

Included with Purchase:

Two (2) ¼” spacers

Two (2) ⅛” spacers

Two (2) ½” slotted posts

Two (2) ¾” truss screws

One (1) 1.5″ DCC Metal Clip

Two (2) retention adjustment shims

One (1) Mod Wing — small & large insert

In case you’re thinking “How comfortable is this holster?”, I can tell you that it is very comfortable. If you ever have problems with a holster pressing into you below the belt, rest assured, this one will not do that. Again, the ride height helps here, and the rounded bottom edge of this holster allows for a comfortable fit.

The Tulster Oath offers you a lot of holster for a very reasonable price.

So, for whom is this holster ideal? Pretty much everybody. It’s a solid holster choice. It’s adjustable, optics ready, and it is very easy to conceal. Even if your everyday carry is a larger gun, this holster would be a great option to help you conceal it. So, now it’s time to ask yourself the question, are you ready to take the Oath?