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In this video, we review the Rapid Force Duty Holster. Rapid Force Holster: https://aliengearholsters.com/rapid-f...


The Rapid Force duty holster is produced by Alien Gear Holsters and is their first entry into duty holsters. The Rapid Force is a polymer holster that comes in a matte finish or with a basket-weave finish. It’s a modular system that is customizable. There are several attachments coming out for this such as a quick-release plate, a paddle attachment, a drop leg attachment and more. The holster can be ordered in 3 different ride heights, low, standard and high. At the time of this video, the holster is only available for Glock 17s, 19s, 22s, and 23s. They are in the process of making them for the Sig P320, Sig P226, and the Smith and Wesson M&P models.

This holsters claim to fame is its Gross Motor Response Draw Technology. This holster was designed with the Gross Motor skills that you need in stressful situations. The way you release your gun from this holster is supposed to be faster and safer under stress than the competition. Here is how you release your gun from the Rapid Force holster: You push your thumb down on the release button which springs the hood forward, then swipe the lever back and draw.

You can customize the holster to fit your hand and draw perfectly. For starters, you can adjust the cant of the holster to fit your draw and then you can swap out the button and lever to fit hands of any size. Whether your hands are large or small. You can also have the option of different levels of retention by removing the retention pieces and you can adjust the retention the holster has on the gun itself. You can adjust the retention of the holster by adjusting the screw on the muzzle end of the gun.

The Holster comes with clips designed for a duty belt. The clips are loosened by two Philips head bolts then you can put your belt in and bolt it down tight. Like I said other attachment methods are coming out for this so keep an eye out on Rapid Force and Alien Gear’s Website. To really get a feel for this duty holster we brought in Grant LaVelle a firearms instructor, Marine and retired SWAT officer to get his take on the Rapid Force. Grant was quickly able to get a pretty good feel for this holster and the release buttons. When we first went out he wasn’t able to get a good grip, but thankfully Alien Gear has got you covered. We went ahead and swapped out the button and lever to fit his hand size better and it made a huge improvement. Grant was able to draw really quick after swapping out the buttons, the only time he would experience a hangup was when he was really pushing speed. All in all, it was something he felt confident he would overcome with training and repetition. Which obviously if it’s a duty holster you are going to want to and have to put in time and effort into training with it. So we think that the Rapid Force holster has all the makings to be a good duty holster, the only thing we were skeptical about is the durability over time, particularly in the hood cover. So I tried to rip the gun from the holster or rip off the hood with my bare hands.

I even decided to run it over with my truck, multiple times actually. It did compress the holster a bit but the holster still functioned and nothing broke. This holster is packed full of great ideas that are innovative, plus there are more great things coming out for it, the real verdict is going to come from police officers after a few years of use. Also, let it be known Alien Gear stands behind their products with an Iron-Clad Guarantee (Forever Warranty) which means that if any part of your Alien Gear Holster breaks for any reason, they will repair or replace it for free - no questions asked.

The Rapid Force Duty Holster costs $115 and can be bought from Alien Gear’s website I’ll go ahead and put the link in the description below. Okay, that’s it for this video, I want to send a special thank you to Alien Gear Holsters for sending us the Rapid Force Duty Holster to take for a test drive. I did talk to their sales team and there is some special bulk pricing for departments you can call their law enforcement and government sales department at (208)-618-3084 and ask for Tim Patrick. It just so happened that our holster was the very first Rapid Force holster to ship out. Which was pretty awesome, anyways thanks for watching. Remember to go check out GunSpot.com and see what’s for sale on the website.

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