Reising M50 Review (Machine Gun, Full Auto)

In this video we show off the M50!

Curios & Relics ATF:

The Reising Machine gun is a great gun and one special thing that stands out about this gun is it’s price point. The Reising M50 is often the lowest priced NFA gun. Which makes it a fantastic starter gun if you are wanting to get into machine guns and it also makes it a great shooter gun. The Reising was manufactured by Harrington and Richard, in 1941 and every Rising M50 is a certified Curio or Relic gun. The price of the Reising is often it’s most alluring feature, between $6,000 to $8,000. But that's not all there is here is some more information about the Reising. The Reising M50 is a closed bolt submachine gun, chambered in .45 ACP. It’s 37 and ¾ long with an 11 inch barrel and weight 7lbs and shoots 550 rounds per minute. The Reising is considered by some to be the “poor man’s Thompson” But I am here to tell you that is not the case at all. The Reising, while it’s not as iconic of a gun, is an extremely comfortable gun to shoot.

The Reising was actually used by Marines in WWII, these guns cost less, were lighter and faster to make than the Thompson, so it made sense to outfit troops with these. The Reising M50 found its home and became very popular with many police departments. We actually get Reisings in stock that come with FBI cases. Charging this gun is pretty unique to all other guns the charging handle is up under the barrel inside the stock. The Reising mag well can be a little difficult to get used to, so just know it won’t load as quickly as your AR15. It can be difficult to find Reising mags, but when you buy a Reising from Midwest Tactical you always get at least 1 mag.

I Personally really like the Reising M50, is it as ionic or well known as the Thompson, no. BUT it is a great gun to shoot, super comfortable to shoulder, most people won’t recognize it as a machine gun which, like I said, I think is a plus since it won’t draw much attention, and it has a fantastic price point. If you want a machine gun and you often find them to expensive this gun is a great way to get into machine guns. It will hold its value well which means you can always sell it or trade up later.

If you would like more information or maybe you are looking at buying your first machine gun make sure to contact US the nation’s largest volume machine gun dealer, Midwest Tactical. You can reach out to us on our website at ATFmachine And you can always look for your desired machine gun at For any more info be sure to contact us at

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