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First of all, let me go over the features of this rifle. First off it’s obviously a semi-automatic AR15 platform rifle and it is chambered in 5.56. One of the most appealing things about this rifle which is what led to me buying it was the value of the rifle itself. I previously had a lower-end AR15 and you know that’s okay. Because AR15 parts are a dime a dozen so you can buy a low-grade AR and change literally any part about it and get the look and performance you want within reason. But this SAINT Edge rifle basically comes as a customized AR from the factory. The SAINT Edge has a BCM buttstock, a BCM Mod 3 Grip. It has a machined billet lower that has all these cool-looking weight reduction cuts in it and a slightly flared mag well. The coating on the upper is an anodized hard coat, the upper does have a dust cover, brass deflector, and a forward assist. I gotta give it to Springfield something they did that you don’t see a lot of companies do. They included iron sights with this AR and they are metal flip-up sights which are absolutely awesome. The lower has a large trigger guard that’s great for shooting with gloves. The trigger itself is flat-faced which I love and for an AR it is light. I put this on the trigger gauge and pulled around 4 pounds every time. The safety is ambidextrous for the left-handed shooters out there. Also, there are three QD mounts on the lower and one on the BCM Stock It does come with an enlarged charging handle which again is something I would add to an AR. This rifle has a free float M Lok handguard and a Mil-Spec heavy tungsten buffer tube. The Barrel is 16” with a melonite finish and a 1:8 twist. The muzzle brake is also very effective at taming any amount of muzzle rise. The feature that will stand out to you as soon as you hold this gun is that it only weighs 6 pounds that’s mostly attributed to the fact that it has a lightweight barrel.

Okay, nowhere is the coolest part of this rifle. It has an MSRP of $1350. I’m seriously not even sure how that’s possible. All the upgraded parts I shared with you cost about $50-$100 dollars each if you were to do it yourself. Flip-up sights, the BCM Parts, a weight reduction cut lower, an aggressive muzzle break, all those things are guaranteed at least $50 each if not more. I know a good pair of iron sights are about $100 easily. So this rifle has an immense value.

You are probably wondering about the performance. The accuracy has been great. It’s fun to shoot and the muzzle brake is highly effective. When I first took it out I shot it on paper and within 4 rounds I had my red dot sighted in where it was dead on. Then I shot around with it on some targets and even shot it at 200 yards with no real effort.

Just personally I like this rifle more than the SAINT Victor both are fine rifles, it really just comes down to what you like. Grant preferred the SAINT Victor because he likes the handguard that runs all the way to the end of the barrel, I liked this one and one reason being that I liked the Picatinny rail that runs the full length of the rail. One reason being that you can see I have my pressure switch for my Odin Mini mounted on top. With this rifle having an M-Lok handguard and being so lightweight you can put accessories on it and it will probably still be lighter than the rifle you are using. I have my rifle setup with the Olight Odin Mini, for an optic, I currently have a Holosun 403C, and I’m using the Armageddon Gear heavy carbine sling.

So is there anything I would change about this rifle? No there isn’t. I love this rifle so far and it’s going to be my go-to rifle for quite a few years.

Olight Odin Mini


Armageddon Gear Sling

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