SAINT Victor .308 Pistol Review | My Favorite From 2020???

This is our review of the Springfield Armory SAINT Victor .308 pistol!

SAINT Victor .308 Pistol:

Spec sheet:

Video Transcript: Hi I am Dylan from and in this video, we will be reviewing the Springfield Armory SAINT Victor .308 pistol

I want to say a special thank you to Springfield Armory who sent us this pistol so that we could make this video.

Here are some specs on this pistol:

It is chambered in .308. It has a 10.3” barrel and is 28.25” in total length The upper and lower are both made of aluminum, with a steel bolt and a buffer assembly made out of tungsten. It has a flat trigger with a nickel boron coating with a BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 pistol grip. Unloaded this rifle weighs 8lbs and 6 ounces And it comes with an included 20 round Magpul P-MAG and an SBA 3 adjustable brace from SB Tactical. I will put a link to the full spec sheet in the description below.

This SAINT Victor pistol doesn’t come with any sights so we put our US Optics TSR-1X Red Dot sight on it for this video review. The SAINT Victor has an M-Lok handguard that comes with a hand stop already on it. It also sports the new nice SA-2 two-piece diverter on the muzzle that promotes reliable function and helps keep that muzzle flash and fire downrange away from you. We also decided to take it off and to run this pistol with a suppressor as well we will talk more about that later in the video This upper has a forward assist, selector switch, and a dust cover. That’s all the factual stuff so we are going to dive into using this pistol and what it’s like.

Let’s talk about the pre-travel of the trigger on this. There is almost no takeup at all, the second you start pulling your going to feel the tension on that sear. I would say 95% if not more of this trigger pull is in the Trigger Creep stage meaning you're going to feel a steady gradual increasing pressure until you reach that trigger break when the sear is released.

On a rifle I like a trigger that feels like this I think when you're making those distance shots it can help with accuracy. I have no tool to tell for sure, but I’d guess the trigger is around 6 pounds.

The flat trigger is an added plus in my book I like it much better than a standard Mil-spec one

This Trigger has a pretty short reset and also has a very firm and very audible reset

I like this gunfighter AR pistol grip too. The slight swell on the back feels good in the palm for me with my large hands.

This gun’s big draw is its size and the fact it’s chambered in .308 this gun will deliver twice the energy of 5.56 on a target. About 1600ft-lbs of energy.

Despite it’s 8lbs of weight this gun does have some recoil. I wouldn’t want to shoot it all day long. I think you'd start feeling it for sure. Also, if it’s a hot day the slimline handguard will get especially hot. So if you plan on shooting it a lot at the range I’d consider bringing a glove.

Also, as you can guess, this gun is loud.

Because this gun is a large caliber we also decided to take it out for some long-range shots to test the accuracy of the 10” barrel. I had firearms instructor and retired sniper Grant LaVelle help me with this portion of the video since he is clearly a better shot than me.

Grant hit the 8” steel target at 50, 100, and 200 yards.

Like I said we also ran this gun suppressed. The thread pitch for this gun is 5/8x24.

The suppressor does help with felt recoil but I think I’d be skeptical of how long the suppressor’s life would be on this rifle just because of all the extra heat at the end of this 10-inch barrel.

The suppressor we used was actually destroyed, the end, and the baffles were blown out. So make sure you have a high-quality suppressor and use it at your own risk.

This gun is loud, It’s really loud. I wouldn’t make it a habit to shoot it without ear protection. I would only fire it that way if it were an emergency situation.

It’s on the heavier side and 308 in a gun this size might not make a lot of sense to you, but I love this gun. There is just something about this gun that makes you feel powerful. When you fire this thing and you feel the recoil and hear that boom there is a lot of satisfaction in that. I can honestly say that out of all the guns I have reviewed so far in 2020 this one is my favorite.

So who do I think this gun is for? Anyone who wants a compact rifle with more punch than 5.56, obviously this is a great choice for you.

In a practical sense, I think this rifle would be highly useful for someone who is a rancher or farmer in big country areas of the US. If you are outdoors regularly and you live in an area with any big wild game, like bears, moose, elk, or cougars packing this rifle with you could very well be a lifesaver.

This gun has a lot of cool factors and for reasons I can’t fully explain, I’m in love with this gun.

I want to say a special thank you to Springfield Armory for sending me this SAINT Victor Pistol so that we could make this video review. And thank you for watching.

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