SOCOM 16 Review

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The M1A is the semi auto version of the M14 which is a rifle that has been used by the US military since 1957and still is used. The M14 has been used in both Iraq and Afghanistan because of its ability to cover distances. This specific M1A model is the SOCOM 16 that has a synthetic stock and shorter barrel than the original M1A. This gun was first introduced in 2004 by Springfield Armory and in 2005 it won A Golden Bullseye Rifle Of The Year from the NRA. Having fire power in a rifle this size was unheard of at the time of it’s introduction in 2004 Shooters who needed a compact rifle no longer had to settle for a lesser caliber, although you can expect less felt recoil and less muzzle rise, thanks to the SOCOM 16′s unique design. We test this rifle out watch to see if we like it!

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