Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 4.25" Range Review

I got the chance to shoot the Ronin Operator 5” in 9mm I was pleasantly pleased so when the opportunity came to get the Ronin Operator .45 ACP I was eager to try it out! But this time it was the newer version of the Ronin Operator, the more recently released 4.25” version. The looks of a gun might not be overly important to you, but that’s one thing I need to talk about. It all comes down to personal preference but I personally favor the 4.25” version of this gun, which is completely out of characteristic for me. I’m a larger guy and I like 5” guns, that’s one of the reasons I bought the XDM Elite Precision. This 4.25” Ronin Operator feels a lot less weighty in the hands so I could feel more recoil, which as a more experienced shooter I actually welcomed.

I shoot 9mm more than any other caliber but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this 1911 in .45 ACP and maybe it’s because traditionally that’s the caliber a 1911 is. This gun, like it’s 5” version, is very accurate which made it enjoyable to shoot..

I took this out to the gun range with Grant to get his thoughts on it and we pretty much thought the same. The smaller more compact version of the Ronin Operator has a nice balance to it and shooting it in .45 ACP just felt awesome! I could see this version of the Ronin being a very viable carry option for those that are pro 1911 and anti polymer guns.

When out shooting this gun it was one that we both enjoyed shooting. Each round we fired made us want to keep shooting it more and more. Plus with the accuracy we were seeing down range it made it even more enjoyable.

The trigger on this gun is light but to me it seemed to be not as light as the 5” version in 9mm that I also had. That being said it is still a lightweight trigger, especially if you're used to firing striker fired pistols in your training.

The Ronin Operator line up has a heavy duty robust feel to it and with a retail price of around $750 I don’t know how you could go wrong. The Ronin Operator is definitely a model I would recommend for anyone looking to own a 1911 but doesn’t want to spend money on a big price tag.

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