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We were excited to get our hands on the Model 2020 Waypoint rifle. Springfield Armory didn’t have a dedicated hunting line of rifles so the announcement of the Model 2020 came as a surprise to many. Since this rifle is being promoted to the hunting community we wanted to take it out on a hunt and luckily it’s deer season. So we called Brad Gannaway at Pro Outfitters to set up a whitetail hunt with him at his lodge.

But first, we obviously had to get the Model 2020 ready for action so we sighted it in here at our GunSpot gun range and we were pleased with the results. Grant outfitted the 2020 with a Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II Rifle Scope which is a precision scope and would be more than enough for landing a shot on a deer. After the gun was bore-sighted at 50 yards when shooting off a bench all of the shots in the three-shot group were touching. Which means we are off to a great start. We then moved it back and back and ended up at 405 yards where Grant shot a .5 MOA group. Our verdict was that this rifle more than lives up to the .75 MOA guarantee Springfield put out there. It seems as if Springfield under promised because they knew this rifle would over-deliver. It probably is important for us to mention Grant is a trained Sniper and a retired Marine marksmanship instructor so his ability to shoot with a rifle is above average.

After getting the rifle sighted in Grant and I went on our way up north to Rulo, Nebraska. The Pro Outfitter Lodge sits on the Nebraska State line the Missouri River runs right through the backyard of the lodge. The lodge itself is littered with mounts of impressive Whitetail bucks that our guide and owner of Pro Outfitters, Brad Gannaway, has taken himself on hunts in the area. Here is the gear we used for our hunt: the Model 2020 with the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II 4.5-30 Rifle Scope and the Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling. The Model 2020 is one seriously lightweight rifle and with the Armageddon Sling, it was a light, comfortable package to pack in on half-mile walks to the deer blind.

As deer season was coming to a close we only had a 36-hour window and 3 total hunts to bag a deer. Time and the weather were against us. With temperatures in the mid 70s and gusts of wind near 30 MPH, it wasn’t exactly the perfect conditions for deer movement. To see how this hunt turns out you will have to watch our video above!

Bushnell Scope


Gun Sling


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