The Best Precision Rifle Gear | Armageddon Gear

At GunSpot we tested out some of the precision shooting gear from Armageddon Gear and we were so pleased with it that we jumped at the chance to review some of their other gear.


The first item of theirs we reviewed this time was the Sticky Game Changer Pint Sized Bag. This bag really shines as a buttstock support bag for your scoped rifle. It could be used with an AR platform like the SAINT Victor but you would need to have a magazine that is short like a 10 round magazine. This bag is solid like you would hope a support bag would be, but the unique thing is that it has a grippy “sticky” texture on it that holds your gun in place. One application where we have used this bag and it’s really come in handy is sighting in red dots on handguns. You can grip the pistol and shove your hand right into this bag and it just feels so solid. This can make sighting in a rifle or a handgun optic very easy.


One of the items I was super pleased with the last time I looked at some Armageddon Gear was the sling. I last reviewed their Precision Rifle Sling, it was great and this one is no different. This sling is a heavy-duty sling that is wider than most slings, measuring 1.5” in width. Because of this slings thickness, width, and elastic section you will be able to carry your lightweight 5.56mm rifle up to your heavy .308 AR’s. The sling does have quick sliding adjustments so you can quickly loosen or tighten the sling. Another thing we noticed that is very positive about this sling is how tight it can hold the rifle to the body. The quick sliding strap is great at really pulling the rifle close and the elastic section helps with holding it tighter than a normal sling. This sling definitely gets the GunSpot seal of approval, what a fantastic piece of gear!


The Perfect Carbine Case comes with more than enough storage for a carbine but it’s still carbine length which is fantastic, that way your rifle doesn’t have room to slide from end to end. The case has 3 large pockets all of them are double stitched so it’s not going to wear out anytime soon. The thing that we enjoyed the most about this bag was that the foam padding can be replaced. You can unzip one side of the bag and remove the foam to dry it out if it gets wet or to replace it. We really gotta tip our hat to Armageddon Gear on this design because nothing truly lasts forever and this just adds years of life to this case.


Armageddon gear is slowly turning us into fans at GunSpot. I love that everything is handmade in America because supporting American companies with American workers feels great. On top of that so far all the gear is solid equipment and all the designs and forethought given to each item has been great.

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