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The Gun Shop Show #26 Shootin' with the Henkles

John & Cris Henkle are owners of Henkle’s Ace Hardware and the hosts of “Henkle's Home Inside and Out” on KZRG join us on a field trip to Midwest Tactical’s firing range. We get to know the Husband & wife team while firing a mix bag of firearms guns. Machine Gun Mike joins us with a fully auto German MP-40. An update on Eli’s toe, Logan’s reception of his attractiveness, learn the extent of Trevor’s gun knowledge, and so much more!!

Guest(s): John & Cris Henkle

Henkle’s Ace Hardware https://henklesonline.com/

Henkle's Home Inside and Out https://newstalkkzrg.com/henkles-home-inside-and-out/

Machine Gun Mike Winkle



Firearms fired in this episode

Taurus TX-22 22LR

Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 357 Mag

Egyptian AK47 7.62x39

Q U21 Sugar Weasel 5.56/223

German MP-40 Machine Gun 9mm

Other featured firearms

Altor Corp Single Shot 9mm

Ruger Security 9 LTO 9MM

Ruger SR-22 22LR

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