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The Gun Shop Show #35 Highlight Show 2020

We hope you enjoy some of our fan selected favorite moments from The Gun Shop Show. First up, a tour of Bonnie & Clyde’s famous Joplin Hideout from episode #16 The Guns of Bonnie & Clyde. Then the first time we rocked out and checked the voicemail from episode #1. The telling of how Austin Petersen came about acquiring his Musket pistol from the 2016 Presidential election from episode #15 The Use of Force. Q, LLC gets told to “Stop right there” from episode #25 The Big Shipment. Sheriff Randee Kaiser gives Eli a run for him money in an epic battle of Beards vs Mustaches from episode #5 The Guns of Law Enforcement. Listener LuLu Calls with a list of her sunken trove of firearms and we Teleport-a-potty to the range to fire the Ruger Security9 LTO from episode #22 Checkin' the Voicemail. A demonstration of a Whippet Gun from episode #16 The Guns of Bonnie & Clyde. Are rock salt shotgun shells good for a nuisance, answered in episode #17 The Hunt for Bonnie & Clyde.

Go here for more info on this episode https://thegunshopshow.com/episodes/the-gun-shop-show-35-the-best-of-2020

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