Thompson Machine Gun (Full Auto) Review

The Thompson Machine gun was invented by General John Thompson with his earliest forms being completed as early as 1917. He had a design ready for the market by 1918 but with World War One closing he didn’t really make any sales. The Thompson M1921 is considered the first Thompson. It gained popularity during the Prohibition on into World War II and was officially adopted by the United States Military in 1938 and was phased out in 1971. I would venture to say that this gun is the most historically rich machine gun in United States history. It’s been used by the police, mobsters, and the military. It has a long line of cinematic history on the big screen. It also has several awesome nicknames like the “Chicago Typewriter”, “Organ Grinder”, and the “Trench Sweeper.”

The Thompson has a design like no other gun and has never been repeated again. It’s boxy body design and wood furniture make this gun one of the most recognizable and iconic designs ever.

The Thompson is chambered in .45 ACP It fires 700 rounds per minute It is 32 inches long with a 10 inch barrel And the Thompson weighs a whopping 10 and a half pounds

The Thompson in our opinion isn’t as comfortable to shoot as sub guns like the MP5. But it’s classic look increases the cool factor and more than makes up for any discomfort. The Thompson has a mag release on the grip that must be pushed up to release the magazine. Next to the mag release is the selector switch for the Thompson to fire in full auto or semi automatic. The safety switch for the Thompson is located right above the mag release. The Thompson is also an open bolt submachine gun. The charging handle can be found on the side of the M1 Thompson but is located on top of the M1928 and 1921 models. 1928 and 1921 Thompsons have slots in the mag well to allow for drum magazines to be inserted. The 1921 and 1928 Thompsons can be found with the popular “Tommy Gun” look that we have all seen in movies while the M1 series has the popular World War II design. In our experience the Thompson is probably the most popular transferable machine gun out there, it’s always a favorite of everyone we talk to and is usually the dream machine gun for most people. We chalk a lot of that up to its history and iconic design.

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