What are Title 2 Guns? What are Class 3 Guns?

We breakdown what a Title 1 and Title 2 gun is in this video.

All of us have gone down to our local sporting good store, headed over to the gun section and marveled at all of those guns. More than likely every one of the guns you see behind the counter at the store are title 1 firearms.

Title 1 is the most common class of firearms...these include rifles with barrels 16” or longer, and shotguns with barrels 18” or longer. Common Title 1 guns are ones that have bolt actions, lever actions, pump actions, semi automatic actions, and break or hinge actions. Fully automatic actions are specifically Title 2 firearms, more commonly called Class 3. An automatic firearm is defined as a gun that continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed or held. This also includes guns with “burst fire” rates.

So, in summary if the gun has shorter barrel length than specified by ATF or if it is a fully automatic weapon then it is a title 2 firearm and everything else is Title 1. Title 1 firearms can commonly be bought in one day by visiting a local gun store. If you are at least 21 and qualify to buy a Title 1 gun then you can also buy a Title 2 gun...this just requires some more paperwork, a longer waiting period and a special tax for the transfer from ATF.

For anymore questions about the firearm world or the steps you need to take to own your dream gun make sure to contact us, your NFA experts!

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