ZRO Delta Modulus Review With Cheyenne Dalton

The Modulus pistol is the most modular handgun I have ever encountered. I saw it at SHOT Show this year and knew that I had to make a video about it.

In this video I am going to compare the Modulus to Glock a lot since the two are similar in at least their sizes.

All Modulus Pistols are chambered in 9mm and start as a compact pistol that is comparable to a Glock 19 in size. You will see various shapes and sizes of this handgun in this video but just know that when you buy the Modulus it starts as The Compact version. The Compact has an MSRP of $919. From there you can purchase conversion packs that allow you to customize the pistol.

For an additional $665 you can buy the Duty Conversion which will get you the parts to upgrade your Modulus to the size of a duty pistol size that is comparable to a GLOCK 17.

The Duty Conversion includes:

- Duty Length Slide Assembly (Length: 7.5”)

- Duty Length Dust Cover

- Duty Length Magwell


Or for $725 you can purchase the Extended Conversion kit which will get you the parts to upgrade your Modulus to that competition gun size that is comparable to a GLOCK 34.

The Extended Conversion Includes:

- Extended Length Slide Assembly (with a length of:8”)

- Extended Length Dust Cover

- Extended Length Magwell


Or you can buy what ZRO Delta calls the Deployment Conversion for $1580 with all of the parts I already mentioned plus two backstraps and a front strap with Glock style finger grooves. The deployment kit let’s you build your Modulus from a Glock 19 to a Glock 34 size.

Deployment Conversion includes:

-Duty and Extended Conversions, plus

- Grooved Front Strap

- Standard Backstrap w/ Beavertail

- Enhanced Backstrap


The Modulus has an all aluminum fully modular frame, instead of polymer. So for all you people out there who prefer all metal guns this one is calling your name.

You can also buy Modulus parts, A La Carte and extra accessories like optic mounting plates, and a 1911 backstrap that changes the grip angle to run more like a 1911. That’s right, you can basically have an all metal Glock with a 1911 grip.

Swapping parts out is really easy so I’m not going to dive into that. One thing to note is that all the pieces bolt on. Nothing is held together with a pin, which helps you keep the rigidity of the firearm.

And all the parts of the Modulus can be mixed and matched to create cool and even some goofy configurations if you want.

This gun will work with GLOCK magazines and it will accept a myriad of other GLOCK parts. You can actually find a download link for the compatibility chart in the description below.


You can also use GLOCK holsters for this gun, for example we were able to use our GLOCK 17 Outside the Waistband Cloak Mod Holster from Alien Gear Holsters.

All configurations of the Modulus have picatinny rails on the frame and optic cut slides ready to mount your favorite optic. The slides also have forward and rear serrations. The Grip has a scale texture on the side and a parallel line texture that runs on the back-strap.

The trigger looks identical to Glock’s and has the trigger safety and no other external safeties.

The sights are metal and all black on all three slides. The Modulus can take aftermarket Glock sights as well if you look to upgrade.

The trigger guard on the Modulus does feature some undercuts like the aftermarket work most people have done to their own Glocks anyways. The gun's slide stop works well and can be released with one hand.

You can also field strip the Modulus the same as you do with a Glock.

When you buy The Modulus it comes with a wrench that has all the fittings you need to assemble and disassemble the Modulus.

Also even though all Modulus’ start has a Compact gun it still comes with the wrench and the foam case with all the slots for the Deployment conversion. So as you buy other conversions over time you can plug the parts into their respective slots.

Since Cheyenne is a professional competition shooter we had her test out the Modulus in the extended version competition size.

And we had Grant LaVelle test out the Duty size one since he has a service background.

So here are my final thoughts on the Modulus. It is truly one of a kind, I don’t know of any other fully modular gun like it. If you do drop it in the comments below. This gun is fully modular but the build still feels solid in my experience nothing ever feels loose or rattles. Me and Cheyenne both shot well with it even though we didn’t care for the all black sights that much. Like i said all three slide lengths are optic ready, I think ZRO delta anticipated people choosing to upgrade their own sights and that’s why they went with solid black on the defaults. I will say I still do like these stock sights better than GLOCKs though.

The Modulus is a solid gun, we didn’t have any reliability issues and the compatibility with Glock parts makes it heavily customizable. The only question you have to ask yourself is “is the Modulus worth the price tag” and that is something you will have to answer for yourself.

Alright thank you for watching this video and thank you to ZRO Delta for sending us this gun to review. Go ahead and show ZRO Delta some love, head over to their social media and follow these guys. Thanks so much, I'll see you in the next video.

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